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SPU Century

Ortofon SPU Century

To celebrate Ortofon’s 100 years of masterful analog research and technology and in continuation of the Ortofon design tradition we are proud to introduce the SPU Century

The SPU was launched back in 1958 in response to the demand for cartridges to reproduce newly-introduced stereo records. The SPU immediately set the standard for professional and audiophile applications and paved the way for the next 60 years of high-end cartridge design.

The SPU is the only Ortofon stereo cartridge that has survived since 1958 in its original form and from all over the world has gained a reputation second to none for its outstanding analogue sound reproduction.

With the SPU Century, the bar is raised for both its modern and vintage counterparts. The new Ortofon SPU Century has gone to the next level by reducing unwanted vibrations within the cartridge. Our extensive knowledge of vibration and characteristics of different materials, competences in magnetism, mechanical design and new technologies has been applied for optimization of this model.

Tekniset tiedot

Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. - 0.2 mV
Channel balance at 1 kHz - 1.0 dB
Channel separation at 1 kHz - 22 dB
Channel separation at 15 kHz - 15 dB
Frequency range at -3 dB - 20-25.000 Hz
Frequency response - 20-20.000 Hz - + 3 dB/-2 dB
Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force *) 70 µm
Compliance, dynamic, lateral - 8 µm/mN
Stylus type - Nude Shibata
Stylus tip radius - r/R 6/50 μm
Tracking force range - 3.0-5.0 g (30-50 mN)
Tracking force, recommended - 4.0 g (40 mN)
Tracking angle - 20°
*) Typical value

Internal impedance, DC resistance - 2 ohm
Recommended load impedance > 10 ohm
Cartridge body material - SLM Aluminium/Wood
Coilwire material - Silver Plated High Purity Copper (OFC)
Cartridge colour - Black/Beech
Cartridge weight - 32 g

Valmistaja: Ortofon
Paino: 32 g
Takuu: 24kk
Selite: SPU Century
Hinta: 4500.00

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