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AD Box S2 Phono

Pro-Ject AD Box S2 Phono

A/D -muunnin linjatasoiselle sekä levysoitin -signaalille. USB ja analoginen RCA lähtö. Vaihto MM/MC rasioille.


High quality recording of analogue media on computers!

Our aim was to design a product which is very flexible and allows converting precious vinyl records or analogue tapes to computer. This digital copy acts as an indestructible back up and archive of valuable and beloved audio collections and extends lifetime of rarity records and tapes.

Storing music in computer offers the possibility of removing clicks, eliminating noise from old and wearing recordings. Data from computer can be burned on CD and also can be used in cars and with mobile devices as smartphones, tablets etc.

A front-sided input selector allows to select desired inputs: Phono or Line. Signal from selected input is present on analogue output. This function allows to connect AD Box S2 Phono permanently in an HiFi system, use it as standard phono preamplifier and in case of need you can convert your records to digital data, stored in your computer. Record level adjustment is extremely helpful, because signal source scans significantly vary in level of their output voltage. Such big differences in voltage level can easily overload input of an A/D converter what is hearable as a distortion.

On the other hand, if the AD Box S2 Phono converter is not fed with proper level of the signal, the sound will loose resolution. This is the reason why level of the signal on ADC input must be set carefully. Due to its outstanding audio quality and valuable features, AD Box S2 Phono is the perfect partner for recording of analogue sources.

A/D converter for line & Phono with USB and analogue output

• MM & MC capable
• Linear RIAA equalisation
• Phono stage technology by Dr. Sykora
• Line level input switchable
• Recording level control
• USB recording output to computer (Win & Mac)
• Ultra low noise & low distortion levels
• SMD circuitry
• Metal casing protects against vibration and interference
• Housing in silver or black

Valmistaja: Pro-Ject
Pro-Ject AD Box S2 Phono, musta209.00
Pro-Ject AD Box S2 Phono, hopea209.00

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