Ostoskori on tyhjä.


Ostoskori on tyhjä.


Klarna-palvelun avulla voit helposti, joustavasti ja turvallisesti tehdä ostoksia.  Käytössäsi olevat vaihtoehdot ovat Lasku, erämaksu, verkkopankit ja luottokortit - kaikki yhtä turvallisia!
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Mash-palvelun avulla voit maksaa ostoksesi helposti laskulla tai osamaksulla.

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M10 BluOS Streaming vahvistin

NAD M10 BluOS Streaming vahvistin

Hengästyttävä uutuus NAD:ilta - Nyt esillä ja koettavissa myymälässä!

Pienikokoinen integroitui huippu-uutuus NAD:ilta
Bluesoundin BluOIS-alustan sisältävä striimaus, laadukas vahvistin, Dirac Live huonekorjaus, suurikokoinen TFT kosketusnäyttö, 2-suuntainen Bluetooth aptX HD, Airplay 2 - Kaikki yhdessä laitteessa.

Coming Soon – BluOS is the most advanced network streaming and multi-room operating system available. Part of a growing ecosystem of compatible products, BluOS tightly integrates hardware and software for an unbeatable user experience. The only wireless high-resolution multi-room system available today, BluOS supports the new standard for high res streaming, Master Quality Authenticated (MQA). With support for over 15 free and paid subscription services, as well as supporting locally stored music libraries, BluOS makes the M10 incredibly versatile. Adding additional rooms is easy and affordable using Bluesound’s all-in-one speakers, or you can add premium components from NAD, Dali, and others to provide amazing sound throughout your home.

With Industrial Design by award winning design firm DF-ID, the M10 takes a minimalist theme to new levels of elegance. The slender proportions are enhanced by authentic materials including solid brushed aluminum and smooth glass. Completely operable by Wi-Fi connection to the BluOS App, one need never touch the M10 in order to listen to your favourite songs. As you approach the M10, the high-resolution touch screen beckons as the graphic changes from ‘now playing’ to ‘control panel’ allowing many operations directly from the front panel without opening an app. It also shows what’s currently playing and what is coming up next in the play queue.

The M10 uses NAD’s most sophisticated Masters Series technology to create a sonic performance that is second to none. HybridDigital amplification featuring the remarkable Hypex nCore amplification stage offers state-of-the-art performance along with the ability to drive any loudspeaker. Highly efficient and remarkably powerful, the M10 can render even the subtlest of musical details with vivid realism. Effortless dynamics and a complete absence of electronic noise are hallmarks of this advanced technology.

Tuoteryhmä: Stereovahvistimet
Valmistaja: NAD
Selite: NAD M10 BluOS Streaming vahvistin
Hinta: 2990.00

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